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Ahu Akivi & Tahai Sector Half Day Tour

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Duration: 3,5 hrs aprox Distance: 25 kms aprox Altitude: 180 mts

Places visited: Ceremonial site of Tahai Ahu, Ahu Akivi, Ana Te Pahu cave and Puna Pau

Tahai Ahu: Set of ceremonials altars that constitute the most well renovated archeological site on the island. Located close to the city, it is composed of three Ahu (platforms on which the Moai were erected), known as the Ahu Kote Riku to the north, which had its eye attached by the Council of Elders, made of white coral and pupil of obsidian, the Ahu Tahai at the center and the Ahu Vai Uri with five Moais at the south. Located at the same place are the remains of a hare Peanga boathouse. A Hare Maoa with thick stone walls, which was apparently used as a chicken house, and a Paina ceremonial site.

There is also an earth oven dug into the ground and delineated by stones, as well as other elements, such as a cave with a great stone wall and eight entry tunnels. The archeologist William Molloy, who led the restoration works in 1978, is buried on one side of the Ahu Riku Moai.

Ahu Akivi: Dating back to 1500 AD, this is the first Ahu that was scientifically restored on the island in 1960 by William Mulloy and Gonzalo Figueroa. The 7-moai platform faces the equinoctial rising sun. According to recent folklore, it allegedly represents the seven young explorers sent from Hiva by Haumaka’s spirit to do a reconnaissance on the island prior to Hotu Mantu’a’s arrival.

Puna Pau: A secondary crater used for quarrying red scoria for the Pukao, which presumably represent the islanders’ hairdo tinted with red soil. Since the cylinders were fitted on only 58 Moai and 31 are still in the quarry, this addition is thought to account for a late development depending on groups power increase.

Haumaka’s spirit to do a reconnaissance on the island prior to Hotu Mantu’a’s arrival.

Ana Te Pahu: A cave featuring a variety of plants and vegetation. Remember to take a flashlight.

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