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Cycling Patagonia Our biking season comprehends from late October to mid April on our road cycling tours taking place in Patagonia, Lake & Volcano District. Since 2006 we have cycle along 200 passengers from all around the globe, by pristine roads, with a personalized service and breathtaking views of Rivers, Lakes and active Volcanoes. Ending rides at hot springs or Spas, local guides, the best inns and local food accompanied by the best wines, are elements that you'll always experience on our Chile biking tours. We started 2012 with a fixed departure tour from DEC 29 until JAN 09, with 16 cyclists, a mix from 8 friends from California (that did a post tour at Easter Island), 4 brazilians and some caniediens. They did the entire 12 day cycling tour in Chile and Argentina with great weather and beautiful rides on both countries. You can see some feedback from this Chile cycling tour by clicking here. From JAN 22 to FEB 02 we received a group of 16 Canadiens friends on their mid 50's. We tailor made for them a private cycling tour in Chile for 12 days, adding some Hikes at Huerqueque National Park and a free day at  Huilo Huilo Nature Reserve. They resquested all meals and the best wines at dinners, road and hybrids bikes, plus luxury hotels. We had again great weather and we helped them to continue their add on tours to Valparaiso, Patagonia and Antartica. You can see Testimonials of this Chile Cycling tour by clicking here. March started with a 12 day private cycling tour in Chile & Argentina for a group of 12 friends from USA, mixing hybrids with road bikes as requested. The weather was amazing and they were very greatful for all the work done by guides and drivers. We enjoyed an amazing sea food fest at Puerto Varas town and next day we drop them off at Puerto Montt airport for their tour at Torres del Paine National Park. You can see a testimonial of this tour by clicking here November 2012 started with a private 8 day tour in Chile, for a couple from UK. We had some days of rain but anyways clients did all rides and ejoyed amazing weather at Pucon and Puerto Varas areas, admiring the perfect cone of Osorno Volcano. For Christmas and new years eve we tailor made 2 separate tours, for 2 different tour operators we work with at USA. The first one was for a family of 4 persons that requested top hotels and spas on the area during 7 days Chile biking tour. We selected for them Antumalal at Pucon, Nothogafus Hotel at Huilo Huilo and Suites rooms at Hotel Patagonico in Puerto Varas. Overall they had amazing weather and were very surprise by our excellent guide, Ernesto Araneda. The other tour was for a family of 5, including small kids, aged 8,11 and 13. They loved our guide, driver, hybrids bikes and food. They weren't experience cyclist but acomplished with no problem the 6 day Chile cycling tour we tailor made for them. For March 2013 we have a fixed date confirmed with 10 cyclists from USA. You are still on time to join us on this amazing 12 day Chile & Argentina bike tour. Dates are MAR 02/13 so if you are reading this post and want to cycle along us, please contact us - Next season looks amazing and we have already one tour sold out for 22 members of the Casacade Bicycle Club on our Chile & Argentina Road Cycling 12D tour. We work with them since 2008 and it is always a pleasure to ride with people that has cycling as a philosophy of life and are so involved with biking. We have open a new date on NOV 17/28, so if you want to join us, find all information by clicking here. If you want a private date for you and friends, contact us soon, spaces are limited. See you soon in Chile! Ecotours Chile - Leaders on biking tours in Chile since 2006

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