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Excursion To Conguillio National Park

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This tour departs from Temuco or Pucón and consists on a soft guided hike on Conguillio National Park to learn about the history, volcanology and the native flora and fauna of the park.

Duration: Full Day Difficulty: Low / Medium Available from: October to March Including: specialized guide, private transportation, box lunch, entrance fee and all activities according to the itinerary Not Including: tips and extra drinks

Activities included: Guided hikes including natural and cultural interpretation and focus on the history, volcanology and the native flora and fauna of the park.

Departing from Pucón or Temuco, we’ll drive about 2 ½ hours passing through old-fashioned little towns like Cunco and Melipeuco until we’ll get to the Conguillío National Park, one of the most attractive and outstanding parks of the Lakes & Volcanoes District. This well-conserved territory is situated between 900 and 3.125 meters high (2.953 to 10.253 feet) covering an area of 60.832 hectares (150.320 acres).

While we visit the park you will witness how the Llaima volcano has permanently shaped the landscape of the area with its eruptions and you’ll have the fantastic opportunity to walk on the lava flows that once came from the heart of the earth.

We'll also visit the Truful-Truful Falls and the pristine Arco Iris (Rainbow) Lagoon with its clear waters that reflect stunning colors. Then we’ll have a box-lunch at Playa Linda (nice beach) located at the shores of Conguillío Lake; followed by hiking along the Sierra Nevada trail (2 ½ hours round trip) surrounded by native trees, including ancient monkey-puzzle trees or araucarias (Araucaria araucana), raulí (Nothofagus alpina) and coigüe (Nothofagus dombeyi). Normally, it takes about 1½ hours to get to the second look-out point which overlooks the majestic lake Conguillío and the Sierra Nevada Range. We'll also be able to spot endemic birds such as the Magellan woodpecker (Campephilus magellanicus), which we will see searching the tree trunks for insects. We will also hear and possibly catch a glimpse of the Chucao tapaculo (Selorchilis rubecula) and the noisy Slender-billed parakeet (Enicognatus leptorhynchus). After spending some time taking pictures and enjoying the amazing view, we'll hike back to the bottom of the trail and then get in the minibuses to drive to the Park Information Center, where we'll learn about the different fauna, trees, and other interesting aspects of the sector. After that visit we’ll commence our return to the urban areas, driving 2 ½ hours approximately.

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