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Private and tailor Made Tours in Chile

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We are proud to say that Ecotours Chile is one of the most outstanding tour operators that specializes on private and tailor made tours in Chile. We had received requests from all over the world asking for tours based on people interest, developing tailor made tours in all regions of Chile and with great success. Most of the clients request to combine regions of Chile and plan a 12-20 day tour. We help them with hotels, local flights and tours with our local guides.

We invite you to contact us and plan your next tour in Chile -

Some of the tours planned for our international clients have been the following: (for detailed itineraries on these tours, please send us a request)

9 days: Mountain Bike Atacama 5D tour + Uyuni Salt Flat 4D tour, August 2011, UK, 4 clients

7 days: Santiago and Easter Island Tour - March 2011 - Czech Republic, 13 clients

5 days: Atacama Desert Photography tour, February 2011, UK, 2 clients

8 days: Atacama Desert and Santiago tours, February 2011, Brasil, 4 clients

5 days: Santiago and Central Valley Tours, february 2011, Brasil, 3 clients

8 days: Road Cycling Chile’s and Argentina’s Lake District Tour, November 2010, USA, 10 clients

2 Days: Tour/transfer to Chilean wine country, Clos de Apalta, November 2010, USA, 2 clients

14 Days: Road Cycling Chile & Argentina Lake District, November 2009, USA, 2 clients

5 Days: Wine Tours and Santiago Tours + Lodging, September 2010, USA, 4 clients

13 Days: Atacama Hiking Tour and Easter Island tour, February 2010, UK, 2 clients

5 days: Easter Island tour, French guide,  January 2010, USA, 2 clients

7 Days: Trekking Atacama Desert, December 2009, UK, 2 clients

12 days: Road Cycling Lake District and Coast line in Chile, September 2009, Russia, Planet Extreme Team, 10 clients

6 Days: Road Cycling Lake & Volcano District in Chile, Cono Sur winery contest, OCT 2009, USA, 3 clients

12 Days: Road Cycling the Lake & Volcano District of Chile, December 2008, USA, 18 clients

16 Days: Explora Easter Island 5 days + CHI-ARG 11D Road Cycling Tour, Dec 2008, USA, 2 clients

13 Days: 7 day tour on Easter Island + 6 day tour on Archeological sites in Iquique and Atacama surroundings, November 2008, USA, 2 clients

12 Days: Road Cycling the Lake & Volcano District of Chile, November 2008, USA, 16 clients

12 Days: Road Cycling the Lake & Volcano District of Chile, November 2008, USA, 12 clients

18 Days: Santiago, Atacama, Lake District and Patagonia tour, NOV 2008, Switzerland, 16 clients

7 Days: Trekking Atacama Desert, October 2008, UK, 2 clients

9 Days: Road cycling on the Lakes & Volcanoes District of Chile,March 2008, USA, 3 clients

12 Days: Hiking Atacama and the Lake and Volcano District, December 2007, USA, 2 clients 15 Days: Atacama – Lake & Volcano District – Patagonia – February 2007, Holland, 14 clients

12 days: Road Cycling on the Lake & Volcano District of Chile, October 2006, USA, 10 clients

22 Days: Easter Island, Atacama, Lake District and Patagonia, August 2006, Italy, 4 clients