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It is our lucky task to show you this beautiful land of contrasts, extending 4500 km and offering such diverse landscapes as: Atacama Desert, Magical Easter Island, Central valley and Wine region, Lake & Volcano District, Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.

We care about our planet and country so our tours are focused on protecting and conserving the places we visit for future generations. In order to assemble this, we have developed low impact activities as hiking, trekking and biking tours so that our travelers can observe and appreciate both local ecology and culture aspect.

Another main cornerstone of Ecotours Chile is getting involved the local community by programmed visits to artisans, small restaurants, handicraft shops and booking as much as possible family run hotels and hiring local transportation and guides.


Our diverse National Parks & Reserves provide a perfect setting for hikers, trekkers, bikers or anyone who enjoys nature and outdoors.

Our mission at Ecotours is to show you all the beauty that our land has to offer, within sensible budgets and adapting tours based on your needs.

We at Ecotours have formed strategic alliances with premiere local guides and partners, spanning the total length of our wonderful country in order to provide our customers with the best service and personal attention – as well as lots of Latin-American warmth.

Cristian Cosignani Ecotours Chile Founder

Cristián Cosignani G. – Manager & Founder

Born in Santiago, Chile, Cristian attended The Grange School where he developed his love for sports and outdoors, then went on to study Business & Administration for 2 years, before realizing his passion for Tourism – leading him to change direction, and pursue a degree & professional career in the Tourism industry.

After receiving a degree in Planning & Administration of Touristic Resources at SEK International University in Santiago, Cristian moved to Pucón where he spent 2 years working for the regions’ premier eco-tourism tour operators.
In 2004 he returned to Santiago to join EcoAustral – a tour operator member of the EuroChile Foundation, where he led operations until early 2006, forming Ecotours Chile, one of Chile’s leading ecotourism tour operators. He is one of the pioneers on planning road cycling tours in Chile & Argentina, forming alliances with premiers cycling tour operators all over the world.

He is an expert on tailoring tours according to the travelers needs and always tries to meet personally every person that book a tour with Ecotours Chile.

E-mail: ccosignani@ecotours.cl

Daniel Rozas Manager Ecotours Chile

Daniel Rozas – Sales and Atacama Desert Operations

Born in Santiago, Chile, Daniel attended the SEK International School where he developed his love for sports & the outdoors (ski), then went on to study Commercial Engineering for 2 years, but always thinking to work in tourism- leading him to change direction, and pursue a degree & professional career in the Tourism industry.

After receiving his degree in Planning & Administration of Touristic Enterprises from Inca-cea Institute in Santiago, Daniel was working for 1 year in Viajes Futuro Tour Operator (Emissive Tourism) and then 1 year and a half for Sporstour Tour Operator (Receptive Tourism) taking care of the USA and Canada partnerships.

In 2008 he went to England in order to improve his English and study International Business for 4 month and a half (certificate degree) at BBSI (Bournemouth Business International School). After England he moved to Belgium (Brussels) where he studied for 2 month French at Amira Language School, as well he took Cook lessons at The Cook Time School where he combined his passion for cook with Slow Food and Healthy.

E-mail: drozas@ecotours.cl

Ernesto Araneda Guide Ecotours Chile

Ernesto Araneda – Cycling Tour Manager and Tour Leader MTB and Road Cycling.

Born in Temuco, Chile, Ernesto is an expert biking tour guide with more than 15 years riding a bike professionally. He is in charge of the safety on route, improve the technique, skill and performance of our clients while biking, as well as delivering information about the native flora and fauna and the Mapuche people.

He studied Agricultural engineering and a 2 year career in tourism ventures at Inacap, plus did the Wilderness First Responder course.

On 2010 he was National and state Champion of Chile in Mountain Bike as well as Bronze Medal on Pan-American games and Silver Medal on Mountain Bike Master A1 World Cup that was held in Brasil on 2010.

Currently, he is the former National Champion of Chile on category Master A2.

E-mail: ernesto@ecotours.cl

Mario Mellado –  Tour Guide

Mario learned his guide techniques with the Mapuche communities from the south of Chile. Specialized in the “Ethnic-tourism”, he has learned from the original cultures a vision of integrity between the nature and his elements. His knowledge in medicinal plants, as well as the importance of the elements as the water, fire, land and air, allows him to have an approximation of respect and fondness in every tour. Mario lived in Brazil, which makes him an excellent Portuguese guide, understanding the Brazilian culture and their needs. He has excellent skills on rock climbing, canopy, hiking and horseback riding expeditions.
He has been on the tourism industry since 2006 and is in charge of logistics and guiding our Hiking trips at Central Valley and areas like Santiago, Valparaiso and wine country.

Chile wine guide

Mauricio is Chilean and has more than 25 years of experience on the tourism industry, working along great companies such as: Porsche Travel Club, Abercrombie and Kent, Linblad’s expeditions, and different cruise lines like Silver seas, Crystal, Holland America and Infinity.

He will be your tour guide on most of our wine tours and Santiago surrounding excursions, providing accurate information on culture, history and geography. Due to his vast experience, he knows many local people, so you’ll have the chance to talk and see places no one else knows.