Hiking Atacama Desert 6D Tour

Ecotours Chile has developed this new Hiking tour in Atacama Desert for people that loves walking on the day and rest comfortable at nights in an hotel or hostel in San Pedro de Atacama. You’ll hike among astonishing landscapes surrounded by Volcanoes and secret paths in valleys, salt flats, gorges and learning about Atacama history, culture, archeology, flora and fauna.

– Chaxa, Miscanti, Meniques, Cejar and Tebinquinche lagoons
– Tatio Geysers and wetlands
– Moon Valley, Death Valley and beautiful gorges as Cari and Nacimiento
– Ancient Atacameño villages, history, culture, flora, fauna and people
– Atacama Salt Flat, Rainbow Valley, Rio Grande and Los Flamencos National Reserve
– 5 nights lodging at comfortable Hotel in San Pedro de Atacama
– Local English speaking guide and professional driver
– Combine this trip with Torres Del Paine, Wine country, Lake District or Easter Island Add on tour

Day 01


Once you arrive to Calama Airport, you’ll take a 90 minutes transfer to San Pedro de Atacama and check in at your hotel. At 4 Pm you’ll meet our guide and the rest of the group to start the first day of hiking in San Pedro de Atacama surroundings.

After lunch we’ll head toward the Salt Mountain Range, which forms a natural barrier between the Pacific Ocean and the Atacama Salt Flat. The hike starts at the Coyote rock, a strange rock formation and getting deep into the mountain range and it geologic forms. We’ll hike 2 hours by the Cari George, admiring beautiful views of Atacama.

Once we reach the end of Kari George we head to Moon Valley, a valley of statuesque, rocky formations. Salt emerges to the surface, covering the surface with a dry, whitish layer that gives the place a lunar aspect. We’ll visit the statues of salt called “Las Tres Marias“ , the salt mine, the salt caves and we will walk up by the sand dunes of the area until we reach the summit of the Big Dune. Here, you will see the whole valley at the sunset, while a spectacular change of colors happens in front of your eyes and enjoy a delicious cocktail.

Afterwards we return to San Pedro de Atacama by van and drop you off at your Hotel or in town.

Lodging at Hotel La Casa de Don Tomas or similar
/ Cocktail /
Hiking distance aprox: 10 KM
Time hiking aprox: 4-5 HRS

Day 02


After breakfast, we’ll get in the Vans and drive towards the Archeological site named Tulor, located 10 kms from San Pedro de Atacama. It was constructed at the beginning of the Christian age .This settlement is a clear example of how the sedentary live arose in this area, with a highly developed level of ceramics, textiles, metallic tools, agriculture and livestock. This small village from around 2,880 B. C. had a population of approximately 150 to 200 inhabitants during that period.

Then, we’ll jump in the van and head towards the Death Valley or Valle de La Muerte to start today’s hike, observing a geological phenomenon of enormous mineral sculptures formed by wind and rain. We’ll hike by the Salt Mountain range and arrive to Las Cornizas, where you get to the highest point of the Death Valley and admire an amazing view of San Pedro River, Volcanoes and the Catarpe Valley.

Our hike will continue passing by and old tunnel that crosses the Mountain Range, reaching Catarpe valley. Once there, we’ll visit Pukara of Quitor archeological site. This fortified village was constructed during the last stage of San Pedro cultural development, between 1000 and 1500 A.D. It was constructed in order to protect the inhabitants and goods of the area against the constant attacks of neighboring groups. The walls of the central part of Pukara have been reconstructed, so that you can imagine what the settlement was originally like.
Our day will end by taking a short ride on our vehicles towards San Pedro de Atacama.

Lodging at Hotel La Casa de Don Tomas or similar
/ Breakfast / Box lunch /
Hiking distance aprox: 12 KM
Time hiking aprox: 6 HRS

Day 03

At morning we’ll depart towards Salar de Atacama and enter the National Flamingo Reserve. This National Reserve is formed by a gigantic depression of more than 3.500 km2, located 2.300 masl. The Salar is the biggest salt field in Chile and its large quantities of salt make the surface white and rough. The dryness and altitude of the salt field allow an excellent panoramic view of the area. The bottom of the salt field is composed of an enormous lake, which receives water from Mountain Rivers and melting snow. As it has no runoff, several small lagoons have formed, where we can observe the three types of flamingos living in the area, the James, the Andean and the Chilean.
Afterwards, we’ll continue to Capur Salt, a relatively small catchment area of 121.8 km² with eleven inflows. On a total area of ​​27 square kilometers, there is seasonally changing open water from 0.07 to 6.15 km². The volume of water varies from 65,000 to two million cubic meters. The hike will last 4 hours and you’ll be able to see wild life like Rheas, Vicuñas, Flamingos and different kind of little birds.
Then, we will continue hiking to Aguas Calientes Salt Flat, limited to the west by the Caichinque volcanic complex, which formed the Medano hill. This last mountain is characterized by shades of grey and brown, contrasting with the sparkling white of the salt surface. Furthermore, its shores, colorful crop marginal lagoons, which in total add an area of ​​between 2 and 3 square kilometers.

The climate of the area is arid with an average annual rainfall of 150 mm 2 and an average temperature of 1 ° C on the surface of the Salar. The vegetation of the area is characterized by the presence of tussock grasses.
Afterward, we’ll head to Socaire village to take lunch and continue our way back to San Pedro. Lodging at Hotel La Casa de Don Tomas or similar
 /Breakfast / Lunch /
Hiking distance aprox: 7 KM
Time hiking aprox:
/ Breakfast / Lunch /
Hiking distance aprox: 14 KM
Time hiking aprox: 7 HRS

Day 04

Today we’ll set off very early and drive in the van towards Tatio geysers. We’ll reach the 4.350 masl and enjoy breakfast. Geysers are shaped by a series of fumaroles that erupts water and steam of volcanic origin. We will walk this spectacle at and then continue with a Hike around Copacoya Hill.
We’ll walk by old paths, surrounded by yaretas, a bush that Atacama people used for several proposes.  The hike last approximated 4 hrs and we’ll end the hike by enjoying a bath on a geyser bore.
Afterwards, we’ll continue to Guatin area, famous by it cactus and rock formations. We’ll hike for 90 minutes by a canyon formed by the Vilama River, characterized by its warm waters, being able to pass by a waterfall until reaching the oldest cactus on the area, The Grandfather!
/ Breakfast / Snack /
Hiking distance aprox: 10 KMS
Time hiking aprox: 5 HRS

Day 05

We’ll hike from Machuca village, located at 4000 masl, to Rio Grande village, famous for its terrace cultivation. Its location was strategic, as it was the forced passageway for caravans traveling between San Pedro de Atacama and Chiu-Chiu. Proofs of this are the surrounding archeological sites that show petroglyphs of the guanaco hunters during the pre-Hispanic period.
We’ll walk along the valleys formed by Peñaril River and with the possibility to see the typical flora and fauna of the Altiplano, framed by breathtaking colors that emerge from rocky formations. Once we end the hike, we’ll jump in the van and go to San Pedro de Atacama, dropping you off at your Hotel or in town.
Lodging at Hotel La Casa de Don Tomas or similar
/ Breakfast / Box lunch /
Hiking distance aprox: 17 KMS
Time hiking aprox: 7 HRS

Day 06


After breakfast, you will have time to walk on town and buy some souvenirs for family or friends.
Depending on your departure flight, a shared transfer will pick you up at your hotel and take you to Calama airport.

/ Breakfast /

• Professional driver and local english speaking guide
• Lodging at 5 nights at comfortable Hotel in San Pedro de Atacama town
• Private services and air conditioned vehicles
• Mentioned meals on itinerary; breakfast, cocktails, box lunch and water
• Shared or private transfers from and to Calama airport

• International and local flights (we can help you buy local flights)
• Entrance fee to National Parks, Reserves and attractions, aprox 60 USD pp
• Accident Insurance (you MUST have your own insurance)
• Laundry
• Beverages & cocktails not included on menus
• Tips for drivers and guides.

Hiking, natural hot springs, Atacameño culture, history, flora and fauna.

Tour dates 2017-18 – You can set your own date with a minimum of 2 persons
-01/06 OCT 2017
-15/20 OCT 2017
-05/10 NOV 2017
-19/24 NOV 2017
-03/08 DEC 2017
-17/22 DEC 2017
-06/11 JAN 2018
-20/25 JAN 2018
-04/09 FEB 2018
-18/23 FEB 2018
-04/09 MAR 2018
-18/23 MAR 2018

Medium, designed for people who lead active lives and are comfortable participating in up to [6] hours of physical activity per day. Programs at this level generally involve some activities of higher intensity and/or a more vigorous pace. This program is not suitable for hikers that have problems with altitude.

We advise you to bring clothing for warm and cold weather; base layers, windbreaker, gloves, hiking boots, a pair of sneakers, sunglasses, bathing suit and sandals. Don’t forget your camera!

As indicated in the program or similar

Clean and comfortable air conditioned vehicle

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