Hiking Easter Island 5D Tour

We have developed this new Hiking Tour at Easter Island thinking on more active travelers. Discovering Rapa Nui evokes many things but never indifference. Exciting, it symbolizes its people’s mystery and its past which is known by only a few. This volcanic land, lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, hides the most amazing treasures. Its Moais, caves, craters and beaches gives this place a unique atmosphere. Easter Island is one of the masterpieces of our planet, a magical meeting with the past. Everything means silence, vastness, mystery, legend. We invite you to unveil this island with a different look, hiking with our local guides for 5 days.

– Local guides with vast knowledge of Rapa Nui culture and history
– Orongo Village, Rano Kau, Rano Raraku, Anakena beach, Tahai, Ahus and Caves
– Hike up to Poike and Terevaka with amazing views of the Island
– Welcome dinner and farewell local dance show and dinner
– 5 nights lodging at comfortable Hotel in Hanga Roa town
– Combine this trip with Torres Del Paine, Wine country, Lake District or Easter Island Add on tour

Day 01


Our vans will welcome you at Mataveri airport and take you to Hotel.
We’ll start a half day hiking trip at 15:00 hrs aprox, from Hanga Roa’s settlement visiting the cave of Ana Kai Tangata, whose walls contain representations of Manutara (sea swallow), the sacred bird of Rapa Nui. We continue covering part of the coastal and archaeological heritage route that will take you first to the Mataveri Otai sector, where you can learn about endemic crops and CONAF greenery. The road continues to the foot of the Rano Kau Volcano, where you will climb up to the crater and enjoy an amazing view.

Then, we will go to Orongo’s ceremonial city, ancient ceremonial city located in the west summit of the volcano Rano Kau. It is composed by approximately 53 houses of elliptical shape with flagstone walls and a small square access looking at the sea. In this place were realized the most important ceremony of the second period of the island, the Tangata Manu (“the bird man”). It was carried out until approximately 150 years ago, with the arrival of the first Christian missionaries.

Highlights: Mataveri – Ana Kai Tangata – Conaf – Rano Kau – Orongo
At night, we’ll enjoy an introductory dinner with the entire group on an amazing restaurant in town. Lodging at selected Hotel in Hanga Roa town
/ Dinner /

Day 02


Crossing the North coast of the Island, this virgin and inaccessible territory for any type of vehicle is the mystical sector and least known area. Together with our local guides you have the unique opportunity to explore and to try and resolve its mysteries.

We start our hike in Ahu Te Peu, walking along a trail that borders steep cliffs and offers spectacular views. Visit natural bathing pools, cross locally owned fields and view numerous archeological sites.

Our picnic lunch will be at Anakena beach, where you’ll be able to admire Ahu Naunau and take a refreshing bath on this beautiful beach.

Highlights: Ahu Tepeu – Ahu Vai Mata – Mai Taki Te Moa – Omohi – Hanga O Teo – Papa Tekena – Anakena.
/ Breakfast / Picnic Lunch /

Day 03


At morning we’ll begin our day towards impressive views of the coast of Poike and all the central valleys of the Island.
The day starts from your hotel in Hanga Roa, driving in direction to Poike area, where the hike to this impressive volcano begins. The walking will take you to Vai a Heva, a sculpture with a human face carved into a rock in the slope of the hill, the mouth of which was used for water recollection. The ascent continues to the top of Pua Ka Tiki, highest point in this area that gives you the possibility of admiring the wonderful view of the island. Then you go down towards the cave of the virgins, Ana O Keke. In this cave, legend has it that virgins were kept for skin whitening to be offered to the future king or Ariki. After this we start the descent into Taha O Ruhi where eating and resting waits for you.

Highlights: Vai a Heva – Pua Katiki – Moai iti iti – Poike mount – Ana O Keke
After lunch we’ll hike crossing the Vaitea forest arriving to the peak of the Island, the top of Terevaka. You will be rewarded with the majestic view of the whole Island; here one really feels like being on the most remote island in the world.

Leaving from Ahu Akivi begin our walk up to the highest point of the island, where we will see the three vertices of Rapa Nui and the curvature of the earth. Also know the Rano Aroi and its lagoon. Vaitea descend through the farm where we expected the car to take us back to town.

Highlights: Vai Tea – Terevaka – Ahu Akivi
/ Breakfast / Picnic Lunch /

Day 04


After breakfast, we’ll depart towards Rano Raraku volcano, one of the island’s major and most valuable archaeological sites, a special passage along the original roads where the ancestors transported their Moais, being able to see many statues that got abandoned along the path. With our local guides, you will learn about some of the still remaining mysteries on how these gigantic statues where transported. Free lunch to enjoy on town, eat some empanadas or some ceviche at Hanga Pico.
Highlights: Ahu Akahanga, Maunga Toa Toa, Vai To Iri, Rano Raraku

After lunch, we’ll visit the west coast of the Island, combining hiking with driving in the van, visiting Puna Pau quarry, where the hats or Pukaos placed on top of the Moais where carved from a red volcanic rock. Our next stop will be at Ahu Akivi and will end at Tahai sector, enjoying one of Rapa Nui’s epic sunsets.
For the night, do a farewell dinner where you’ll go to enjoy a local show with Rapa Nui dances and a traditional meal called Luau, a great way to end our tour and discover local costumes, hospitality and tastes delicious local food.
Highlights: Puna Pau – Te Pahu, Tahai
/ Breakfast / Dinner /

Day 05


After breakfast and depending at what time your flight departs, we’ll take you to the airport.
End of services
/ Breakfast /

• 4 nights lodging at selected in Hotel in Hanga Roa town
• Private services
• Local English speaking guide
• Transfer In / Out included
• All hikes as described
• Welcome and farewell dinner – 1 Local show with dances and food
• 2 picnic lunch

• International and local flights (we can help you buy local flights)
• Accident Insurance (you MUST have your own insurance)
• Entrance to National Park – 65 USD
• Laundry
• Beverages & cocktails not included on menus
• Tips for drivers and guides

Hiking, Rapa Nui history, flora and fauna

Tour dates 2016-17 – You can set your own date with a minimum of 2 persons
12/17 OCT 2016
09/14 NOV 2016
07/12 DEC 2016
19/24 JAN 2017
26/31 FEB 2017
26/31 MAR 2017
26/31 APR 2017

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