Road Cycling Chile Lake & Volcano District 12D Tour

We invite you to cycle and discover the Lake & Volcano District of Chile with us. Explore this fascinating part of the country dominated by astonishing National Parks, clear-water Lakes, amazing live Volcanoes and one of the best thermal waters in the world. Amazing live Volcanoes and one of the best thermal waters in the world.


  • Views of Lakes Villarrica, Caburga, Calafquén, Panguipulli and Llanquihue
  • Volcanoes Llaima, Lonquimay, Tolhuaca, Villarrica, Lanin, Mocho – Choshuenco, Puntiagudo, and Osorno.
  • Lodging at Huilo-Huilo Natural Reserve, Malalcahuello Pucon and Puerto Varas towns
  • Hot springs and National Parks with pristine green backroads for nature lovers
  • Petrohue Waterfalls and Osorno Volcano climb
  • Day Hikes at Huerquehue National Park and Huilo Huilo Nature Reserve
  • English speaking professional cycling guide and van support every day
  • Amazing local cuisine accompanied with great Chilean wines
  • Combine this trip with Torres Del Paine, Wine country, Atacama or Easter Island add on tour

Day 01

Day 01, Santiago (SCL) – Temuco (ZCO) – Malalcahuello (First ride: warm up ride)

Our staff will meet you at Temuco airport and transfer you to Malalcahuello, where a soothing thermal bath awaits us at our hotel. Your guides will assist you to assemble/fit your bike and then enjoy a warm up ride. In the evening, we’ll have an orientation and briefing session before our welcome dinner together.

Lodging at Corralco Lodge and SPA 4 or similar
Bike traveled distance: 25 km
Time cycling: 1 hour
/ Dinner /

Day 02

Day 02, Sierra Nevada – Liucura – Pino Hachado (Second ride)

Today and followed by a filling breakfast, the minibuses will take us to the Sierra Nevada Range (18 km right through the tunnel Las Raíces, the longest tunnel in Chile (4,5 km ). Here we’ll set off on our first ride, traveling alongside the Lonquimay River by an almost flat valley; this 54-km section features one of the smoothest roads. We’ll bike through the lands of different Pewenches communities, ascending the international path Pino Achado until reaching the Customs. The road is quite rolling with flat sections and a few small climbs and good down hills. If you want to pedal up some serious grades, it is possible to extend the route on 22 km more, until the peak altitude of 1.884 meters (6.181 feet above sea level); on the top you can enjoy breathtaking scenery of the Andes. In the small village of Liucura, we’ll arrive at the meeting point with the minibuses that will take us back to Hotel.

Lodging at Corralco Lodge and SPA 4 or similar
Bike traveled distance: 58 km + optional 22 km optional
Time cycling: 4 hours approx, with an optional additional hour
/ Breakfast / Box Lunch / Dinner /

Day 03

Day 03, Malalcahuello – Lautaro (Third ride)

After breakfast, we’ll start our morning with an amazing downhill from our Lodge towards the valley from the village of Malalcahuello – We’ll ride alongside the Cautín River as the valley opens after each meter we descent the foothills of the mountain range until arriving at the plain of Curacautín. As we leave this town we start climbing a good hill with a beautiful view to the volcanoes Llaima, Lonquimay and Tolhuaca. Then there is a fun descent until you get to an extensive green valley. This section of the route passes through the middle of seeded fields on smooth hills until we arrive to the city of Lautaro where we end the ride. In Lautaro we get in the vans and start traveling to Pucón (2 hour drive), the main adventure tourism destination in the Lake & Volcano District.

Lodging at Green Park 3* or similar
Bike traveled distance: 70 kms
Time cycling: 5 hours approx.
/ Breakfast / Box Lunch / Dinner /

Day 04

Day 04 Pucón – Lake Caburgua – Huife Hot Springs (Fourth ride)

We’ll cycle from our hotel to the village of Caburgua where we’ll enjoy a beautiful view of the beach of Lake Caburgua and top of Llaima Volcano. The road today is a constant false-flat with a few short climbs – just enough to get your legs going. Before you start cycling, the staff will provide a snack for you to bring with you and some more on the support van. Throughout today’s ride our guide will help us identify several species of birds and trees as we cycle next to beautiful farms and enjoy views of the Villarrica volcano. With a little good luck, we will see smoke coming out of the active Villarrica volcano. After cycling the rolling road to Huife, we will visit the Hot Spring Resort and enjoy a soothing soak in a hot mineral bath, having lunch at the hot springs. Later we’ll take a short ride in the vans back to our hotel in Pucón, or you can ride in your bike if you want.
At 20:00 hrs we’ll pick you up at the Hotel and take you to a local organic restaurant in Pucon.

Lodging at Green Park 3* or similar
Bike traveled distance = 48 km + 35 km if you want to ride back to Pucón
Time cycling: 4 hours approx
/ Breakfast / Box Lunch / Dinner /

Day 05

Day 05, Hiking day or free day in Pucón

Pucón is known in Chile as the main adventure destination in the Lakes & Volcanoes District, and today we’ll head southeast in the direction of Huerquehue National Park, located at the foothills of the Andes, 35 km (22 miles) from Pucón.

The hike starts easy but after a short distance the trail becomes rougher and sometimes steeper, but is still considered a relatively easy hiking level.

After walking 40 minutes at an easy pace, we’ll get to the Nido de Águilas (nest of eagles) waterfalls and then we’ll keep hiking on a steeper terrain, surrounded by gigantic coigües (Nothofagus dombeyi) and mañíos (Podocarpus nubigena). We have arrived at the first lookout point where the views of Villarrica Volcano (2.847 m / 9.349 feet) and Tinquilco Lake are absolutely stunning; here you’ll find great photo opportunities as well as chance to reenergize with a snack. As we continue hiking, our guide will point out some wild flora of the area (i.e. mutisias, orchids and alstroemerias), and if luck is on our side, we can spot some birds that live in the forests of Nothofagus, such as chucao tapaculo (Selorchilis rubecula), black-throated huet-huet (Pteroptochos tarnii) and the magellan woodpecker (Campephilus magellanicus) among others.

After hiking another 30 minutes, we’ll arrive at the Trufulco Falls where we stop for a short time. At this point the trail gets more demanding, but not so much that everyone won’t be able to reach the second lookout point, where the view gets even better.

We catch our breath again and resume the hike along the trail; now that we are over 1000 m / 3.280 feet above sea level we begin to see the first araucarias (Araucaria araucana). Soon we will walk through a mixed forest with many of these trees, considered to be a national monument for their exceptional characteristics.

We have hiked around 2½ hours when we arrive at the first lake called Chico (small), with its clear waters reflecting the image of hundred of araucarias and snow-capped peaks. The trail gets more even and in only 15 minutes we arrive at Lago Toro (Bull Lake). Here we eat our well deserved box lunch and spend some more time taking pictures or simply resting. We can watch the breathtaking landscape and spot some of the birdlife that inhabits the shores of this lake, such as the Andean ducks (Oxyura ferruginea), aiding our observation with binoculars. Following the break, we keep going through an easy terrain and visit the third lake called Verde (green) which is the last attraction of our hike.

Now we can commence a two-hour decent by the same trail to the parking area. Return to hotel in Pucón and free dinner to enjoy in town or at Antumalal restaurant.

Lodging at Green Park 3* or similar
/ Breakfast / Box Lunch /

Day 06

Day 06, Pucón – Puesco – Pucón (Fifth ride)

We’ll cycle from Pucón to Curarrehue (a small village at the Argentina border) where we can visit a museum and learn about the Mapuche, the area’s indigenous people. The road today is generally flat with a few rolling hills – just enough to get your legs going. But after we arrive to Curarrehue we can climb a 15 km section on new asphalt (international road to Argentina) and then get back to this town enjoying the same 15 km riding downhill.
Along today’s ride our guide will help us identify several species of birds and trees as we cycle next to beautiful Lake Villarrica and enjoy views of two volcanoes, Villarrica and Lanín. With a little good luck, we will see smoke coming out of Villarrica, which is an active volcano. Return to hotel in Pucón and dinner at a local restaurant.

Lodging at Green Park 3* or similar
Bike traveled distance = 75 kms
Time cycling: 5 hours approx.

Day 07

Day 07, Licanray – Panguipulli – Choshuenco (Sixth ride)

Each day brings new beauty on this tour, and today is no exception. We will ride the shores of two beautiful lakes, Calafquén and Panguipulli, and will cycle three-quarters of the way around Villarrica, a majestic, snow-capped active volcano. We’ll ride through the lake-side town of Licanray on roads bordered by green prairies and native forests. The first 21-mile section passes through green meadows with native forests and the Calafquén Lake on your left, by a road without many long ascends. This road is smooth and quiet as almost no vehicles drive here. At one point we should be able to see five volcanoes. After a fun descent toward the town and Lake of Panguipulli – meaning “land of lions” – we have the picnic lunch by the beach at Lake Panguipulli. From here we can contiue riding another 15 miles alongside Lake Panguipulli until the end of the paved road near Choshuenco.
From this point will drive 30 minutes to the Natural Reserve Huilo, where we’ll eat dinner and stay overnight at the incredible Nothofagus Hotel.

Lodging at Nothofagus Hotel & SPA 5*
Bike traveled distance: 88 kms
Time cycling: 6 hours approx.
/ Breakfast / Box Lunch / Dinner /

Day 08

Day 08, Natural Reserve Huilo-Huilo, Day @ leisure

A day of rest from your bicycles doesn’t mean you have nothing to do.
We can organize any day excursion with a minimum of 4 people. Please ask our guides the night before about the availability and additional costs of these activities.
-Within the park there are four hiking trails: the Magnetic Stones trail (3-hour hike, medium), the Truful Route (3½-hour hike, medium), the Truful River (6-hour hike, difficult) and Quinchamalí Lookout (3-hour hike, easy). Some of the highlights include a botanical forest, scenic clear-water lagoons, mighty waterfalls and amazing views of snow-capped volcanoes..
-For those who want to learn about the reserve’s plants and wildlife, there are scientific walks that focus on botany, bird watching, and geology, as well as flora & fauna interpretation
– A terrific way to experience the beauty of the area is with a canopy tour (additional cost of USD40); a group of platforms between 15 and 25 m high (50 to 80 feet) that are linked to each other by hanging bridges and suspended steel wires. You’ll literally feel like you are flying over the rainforest, rivers and canyons as you glide across the cables.

Lodging at Nothofagus Hotel & SPA 5*
/ Breakfast / Box Lunch / Dinner /

Day 09

DAY 09, Osorno – Frutillar – Llanquihue / North side of Llanquihue Lake (Seventh ride)

After breakfast, we’ll ride 3 hours to Osorno city. We will ride through rolling hills and beautiful beaches along Lake Llanquihue, always on the lookout for wildlife and views of 4 volcanoes (Osorno, Puntiagudo, Casablanca and Puyehue). With the lake on one side, green pastures and fields on the other, and the snow-capped Andes in the distance, this will be another picturesque day on our bicycles. The cycling today consists of small hills and long, flat stretches most of the day. Upon arrival to Llanquihue, we’ll drive 20 minutes to Puerto Varas and stay overnight at hotel in Puerto Varas.

Lodging at Hotel & Spa Patagonico 4* or similar
Bike traveled distance: 85 kms
Time cycling: 6 hours approx.
/ Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner /

Day 10

Day 10, Puerto Varas – Ensenada – Petrohue Falls (Eighth ride)

In the morning, the vans will take us to the shores of beautiful Lake Llanquihue where we will approach the Osorno Volcano with its perfect cone. As we cycle along the lake, the snow-capped volcano appears to rise directly out of the lake, and we will have wonderful views of it during much of the day. We’ll pass through the village of Ensenada, then on to the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park and hike a short distance to the dramatic Petrohue Falls. After a 40 minutes ride in the vans, we’ll arrive back to your hotel and have free time to enjoy dinner at the Hotel or walking distance from town.

Lodging at Hotel & Spa Patagonico 4* or similar
Bike traveled distance: 60 km
Time cycling: 4 hours approx
/ Breakfast / Box Lunch /

Day 11

DAY 11, Llanquihue Lake Route, Northeast section: Puerto Octay – Las Cascadas – Petrohue Falls (Ninth ride)

This trip of a lifetime is about to end. In the morning, we drive out of Puerto Varas and start riding from the Puerto Octay, alongside Lake Llanquihue, where a unique landscape is waiting for us – the Osorno Volcano with its perfect cone. The side of the Volcano reaches the shore of the lake and we’ll pass through the middle of this astounding landscape as we travel to the villages of Las Cascadas and Ensenada. This 67 km northeast section of the Llanquihue Lake Route is one of the most beautiful routes of the tour, as you get closer to Osorno Volcano.
Option extra 12 km /3750ft: Challenge yourself and climb Volcan Osorno and one of the steepest climbs in South America if not Europe, with ramps of 22%-24%.

Upon completing the ride we’ll head back with the vans to the charming german-style city of Puerto Varas, our last destination, and let ourselves to relax and enjoy a farewell dinner (seafood restaurant).
Lodging at Hotel & Spa Patagonico 4* or similar
Bike traveled distance: 60 km + 12 Km climb
Time cycling: 4-6 hours approx.
/ Breakfast / Picnic Lunch / Farewell dinner /

Day 12

Day 12, Puerto Varas – Airport in Puerto Montt (PMC)

Sadly, it’s time to say good-bye to the beautiful Lake & Volcano District of Chile. After breakfast, we’ll ride in vans to Puerto Montt Airport to catch your flight back to Santiago. It’s been a trip you will always remember!
End of services
/ Breakfast /

• Professional local guide – 2 guides from 9-20 cyclists
• Lodging at 3*,4* hotels and luxury lodges
• Private vans and support vehicle (1 van from 2 to 11 cyclists )
• Support vehicle (pick-up truck) with bicycle trailer from 6 riders up.
• Basic cycle parts (cable housing, tubes, tires and spokes)
• Mentioned meals on itinerary (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on-route snacks include: mineral water, energy drinks, trail-mix, fresh fruit and gourmet sandwiches)
• Tips at restaurants for lunch and dinners
• Entrance fee at Huife Hot Springs, and all activities according to the itinerary.

• International and local flights (we can help you buy local flights)
• Accident Insurance (you MUST have your own insurance)
• Other cycle parts and components (derailleur, crankset, fork, etc)
• Laundry
• Beverages & cocktails not included on menus
• Bike rental (available upon request) Lapierre 18-speed Road Bike or Kona Hybrid Bike
• Tips for drivers and guides

Road cycling, Hiking, Hot springs & SPA, Chilean culture and history.

Tour dates 2016-17 – You can set your own date with a minimum of 2 persons:

03/14 JAN 2017
15/26 JAN 2017
19/30 MAR 2017


Medium, designed for people who lead active lives and are comfortable participating in up to [5] hours of physical activity per day. Programs at this level generally involve some activities of higher intensity and/or a more vigorous pace.


We advise you to bring clothing for warm and cold weather; also including helmet and cap, brightly colored cycling jerseys, arm and leg warmers, base layers, windbreaker, booties, gloves, two pairs of sneakers, a waterproof jacket and any other waterproof item, sunglasses, bathing suit and sandals. Don’t forget your camera!


As indicated in the program or similar


Modern vans Mercedes Benz Sprinter and 4X4 support vehicle. Air-conditioned


We can help you buy local flights at the best rates for you, just let us now


Any policy you purchase should, at the very least, cover trip cancellation, loss of baggage, accident/life coverage, travel delays, and non-refundable airline tickets. Carriers for travel insurance include Travel Guard and Travelex. You may also consider insurance that covers emergency medical evacuation. Search the web to find the best deal that suits your needs – read the fine print


Chile is by far one of the safest countries in South America in terms of public health and crime. We are proud to affirm that our police is one of the least corrupt in the world; they are always friendly and helpful.


Besides your own on-road safety gear (helmet, rearview mirrors, bright colored jerseys and gloves) we provide a support vehicle that drives at the rear of the group with a road-sign that alert other drivers the presence of bike riders on the road. Drivers in Chile are used to bicycles on the road, so they shouldn’t bother you while riding.

Bike Rental
Lapierre Audacio 400 CP, Audacio Alloy 7005, Carbon Fork, Shimano Tiagra, Compact Crankset (50/34) and 10 speed cassette (12-28)
You can check all the details on the original website

Bike Rental
Kona Dew 6061 Aluminum Butted, Shimano Altus, Triple Crankset (48/38/28) and 8 speed cassette (11-34).
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