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Archeological Tour

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This tour is done in regular and private services, departing every day. It departs at 09,00 and end at 13,00 hrs.

Well start visiting the Ruins of Tulor, 10 km far from San Pedro. It was constructed at the beginning of the Christian age .This settlement is a clear example of how the sedentary live arose in this area, with a highly developed level of ceramics, textiles, metallic tools, agriculture and livestock.

Afterwards we continue to Pukara of Quitor. This fortified village was constructed during the last stage of San Pedro cultural development, between 1000 and 1500 A.D. It was constructed in order to protect the inhabitants and goods of the area against the constant attacks of neighboring groups. With Pedro de Valdivia’s arrival in 1540, the first battle between the Spanish conquistadors and Atacameños occurred. This battle was famous for the brutality of the conquistadors, who, after knocking down the defenses of Pukará and defeating the Atacameño resistance, took the leaders captive and decapitated them. The walls of the central part of Pukará have been reconstructed, so that you can imagine what the settlement was originally like. The tour will end at Tambo of Catarpe, an ancient Inca wayside inn.

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