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Ethnic Tour To Budi Lake

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Get deep into the Mapuche culture, heading to the pacific coast and arriving to Budi Lake (indigenous reservation), where you’ll be able to share with Mapuches and learn about their culture and life.

Duration: Full Day Available from: September to March Including: Mapuche guide, private transportation, lunch (local cuisine) and all activities according to the itinerary Not Including: tips, beverages and cocktails.

Activities included: Ethnic tour, including natural and cultural interpretation, focusing on the history, local traditions and beliefs, as well as the flora and fauna of the area. There will be handy-crafts for sale.

The excursion begins in Temuco where we head towards the Pacific coast, driving across the traditional towns of Nueva Imperial and Carahue (located 45kms / 28 miles from Temuco). In the latter town we’ll stop for a few minutes to photograph a group of old locomotives that comprise the Museum of Steam Engines. Then we’ll continue on our trip until arriving to Puerto Dominguez, a picturesque village that is the gateway of this indigenous land (1½ hour drive from Temuco). At this point we’ll discover the beautiful surroundings of Lake Budi, located in the middle of an indigenous development area. The lake is one of the few saltwater lakes in South America, providing an excellent habitat for about 130 species of native and migratory birds, including the graceful Black-necked swan (Cygnus melancoryphus).

We'll visit Mapuche-Lafquenche families who will teach us about their ancient traditions. We'll get to know their art and crafts such as their home-made musical instruments, as well as their typical dwellings made of straw and with a fire-place in the interior of the “ruka” or tepee. The ethnic community will perform a presentation with some of their dances and sports. We’ll have lunch at a traditional restaurant situated in the Budi Lake area and then head to the beaches of Puerto Saavedra. All of these activities will be conducted with an authentically dressed Mapuche guide who will illuminate the history, traditions, and language of his/hers people. Return to the hotel or meeting point in Temuco.

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