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Lascar Volcano Trekking Tour

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If you are heading to San Pedro and want to experience the ascend of Lascar Volcano, this is the trek for you. You’ll be able to experience it in one day, departing from your hotel early at morning and arriving back on the afternoon. We provide trekking food (peanut, chocolate, bars and fruits), you’ll have to take your own water. This is a trek not to be missed!!

Itinerary and info: Start: 05:30 am Return: 17,00 pm Base: Four thousand eight hundred and fifty meters of altitude Trek: Between three and four hours (to the crater)

Between San Pedro and the base of the volcano we have three hours by car. We stop at Lejia lagoon to have the breakfast and then continue by car to the base of the volcano at four thousand and eight hundred and fifty meters of altitude. The ascension it’s approximately between three and four hours. Technical it’s an easy mountain but its most difficult than Toco hill, because it have more inclination. We do the ascension only at the crater and you can see the smokers inside the crater. You can’t see lava because it’s very deep. The crater has approximately three kilometers of diameter. You don’t need special equipment but its recommending use trekking boots for the dissention (it’s with to much sand). The temperature it’s between minus two and five degrees at the crater.

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